The origins
ACCD - Andrea Carinato Cavalieri Ducato - My road coexistence

1975 - Childhood

Milan Città Studi, Spring/Summer.
In those days my mother had a VW Beatle.
Black with a white hood.
I used to ask her to go driving. The roads were empty.
I felt grownup in that tank dressed up as a car.
Accellerations, breaks, the indicators that turned on…I had fun.
To my mother’s pain/joy, my perfect instructor.

1980/1985 - Adolescence

Scooter and motorbike With friends, outings or trips to the sea in Arenzano or on the Adriatic Riviera. Advising the parents on departure and arrival. Even if the distances where short,to us the route seemed to be intercontinental.

1985 - Adulthood

The driving license! At last! The car, the independence, the freedom to move more safely, music to listen to with friends or girls on trips with removable car radios: possibly with powerful amplifiers.
My dogs: always with me, sniffing the change of air at the back of my SW when we left Milan.

1985/2016 - 31 years of driving

Number of km travelled by car: nearly 4 million.
Mostly on work trips.

And in these years? What and how have I lived the road?

The evolution of the highest reliability, connectivity, mobility, the fuel efficiency, safety and a transversal and more thorough search of increasingly formidable means at our disposal;
The discrete infrastructure evolution (better in Europe than in Italy) to make our circulation even more homogeneous and secure; people's strong setback (luckily not everybody)who have lost or forgotten the real reasons to live life, cohabit and share.
Education, ethics, transparency, sincerity, professionalism, respect... Missing.
And all this unfortunately has affected and affects road behavior, selfishness, aggressiveness, hysteria, inability to coexist and share with respect and attention something that belongs to everyone, and that is essential for everyone. The road.

2000/2009 - The inspiration, the desire, the awareness and the idea

Having to put up daily with this bad behavior, I got the inspiration to create something that would raise awareness and involve everyone, but especially young people, future drivers, to a greater reflection and focus on the real problems of coexistence, promoting a business that could combine fun, educational and bon ton at the same time.
Educating people to be creative, to feel artists, and create something absolutely unique: give tips and share experiences to try to improve and better ourselves.

2009, the birth of the Association and its symbol means of communication.

I fund, together with two of my closest friends, a cultural Association that has at heart of the initiative and corporate purpose: "the promotion of cultural action of every kind and nature, vowed to safeguard their own lives and that of others".
And I chose the motorbike (the two wheels even without an engine) as means of communication, because in this coexistence they are the most exposed means of transport.
But not for this reason the awareness is dedicated only to bikers and cyclists: indeed also and above all it’s dedicated to the vehicles and the drivers who share the road every day.
The name: Well think about the metamorphosis and imagine a unique motorcycle.
Created by one of you, or by an artist.

2016 today

A journey that led Motomorphosis to be present with the first motoparade exposition, thanks to a large group of artists: Michelangelo Pistoletto and Armona open the way during the XXI International Triennale, but in November during EICMA, the artists who will have joined the project during next summer will customize many other motorcycles on display for the occasion.
All together to promote the contest, but above all a charity auction, in order to raise a fund to support Motomorphosis and some non-profit organization with which it has established agreements.
Together for the diffusion and the support of the educational cause,enthusiasts of the social project.
A training course in the schools of the Lombardy Region will start in Autumn, but will extend to the entire national territory.
Playful involvement and meetings, dedicated to primary and technical institutes, will try to spread the awareness to young people on how virtuous behavior can be instrumental to share the road.
Thanks to a kit and digital media, the students will be able to create their own motoparade and see it realized and also win some prizes.
Fun, but above all education, with the hope that Motomorphosis can be part of the life of each one of us, crossing all the roads that keep on bringing us together.