Events | EICMA 2014


Alessandra Barocco, graphic designer for more than 20 years, has always cultivated with great passion the study of the calligraphic letters she uses in her pictorial works. She has participated in exhibitions and events in Italy and abroad and she devotes herself to prevention and reeducation of beautiful handwriting in children and young adults. At EICMA 2014, she decorated a prototype with phrases related to education, mobility and road safety that was donated in January 2015 by the association to Pope Francis.

The Motoautografi (autographed motorbikes)

Alex Baldovini, Suzuki rider, autographed the bike

Antonello Montante, Eicma President autographed the bike

Paolo Simoncelli

Guido Meda, sports reporter

Claudio Costa, responsible mobile clinic, autographed the bike

Andrea Cavalieri Ducati and David Salom (Kawasaki rider)

Andrea Cavalieri Ducati and Silvia Sanchez (SBK Kawasaki Racing Team)

Vito Martoccia, sales manager Ateq

Maurizio Lupi, Ministro infrastrutture e trasporti

Marino Bartoletti, sports reporter

Lucio barbuio, performance live