Events | EICMA 2011

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Roberto Formigoni

Lucio Barbuio draws the suit worn by Melissa Satta

The stand

The press conference


The artist who’s keen on technical experiments applied to different materials and his love of design, spreads his art everywhere: chairs, hats, surfboards, pieces of plexiglass and also, for the occasion, painted the suit worn by Melissa Satta and a color prototype of the exhibited bikes. The suit worn by the showgirl, Italian model and actress, will be auctioned, and the proceeds of the sale will be donated to the Rimini Autism Association Onlus, in collaboration with the family of the beloved Marco Simoncelli, who died that year.

The Motoautografi (autographed motorbikes)

The motoparade dedicated to the autographs of people and friends that are close to our initiative. Thanks to their signature they give the possibility to increase the fundraising of Motomorphosis. Autographs of famous people, celebrities, pilots, politicians, journalists and partners who support Motomorphosis values.